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Test categories Material testing method Material required
Fine grained Medium grained Coarse grained
Moisture content LVS EN ISO 17892-1:2015 30 g 100 g 500 g
Particle density LVS EN ISO 17892-3:2016 30 g
Bulk density, dry density, moisture content, particle density LVS EN ISO 17892 standards Undisturbed sample
Atterberg limits LVS EN ISO 17892-12:2018 Enough sample to provide 300 g of material passing a 400 µm sieve
Particle size distribution LVS EN ISO 17892-4:2017
Sieving method p.5.2. 300 g 3 kg 10 kg – 20 kg


Hydrometer method p.5.3. Clay, silt – 60 g
Organic matter content in soils* AASHTO T267-86

50 g

Soil mechanics
Direct shear using 60 mm small shearbox (consolidated, drained, φ’, c’) LVS EN ISO 17892-10:2019 Undisturbed: Enough intact material to trim down to a 60 mm square by 20 mm high block for each specimen required

Remoulded: Approximately 200 g of < 2 mm material per specimen

Residual shear test using 60 mm small shearbox (consolidated, drained, φ’r , c’r) LVS EN ISO 17892-10:2019
Consolidation properties in oedometer (mv, Eoed, Cc, cv, σ’p) LVS EN ISO 17892–5:2017 an undisturbed length of sample at least half as long as the diameter, and at least 10 mm greater in diameter than the required specimen (typical specimen 71 mm dia.)
Unconfined Compressive Strength LVS EN ISO 17892–7:2018 Undisturbed: Block sample twice the size of 2:1 length:dia sample required.
Dry Density Moisture Content Relationship using:

2.5 kg hammer

4.5 kg hammer

LVS EN 13286-2:2012 L Less than 5% of material larger than 16 mm 15 kg
More than 5% of material larger than 16 mm 40 kg
California bearing ratio CBR* LVS EN 13286-47:2012

50 kg